Celebrate the Arts in you!

About me

About Marshall Shaw

Marshall Shaw has been a passionate educator of 27 years. He believes education must be diverse in content, technology and the Arts. He is a recipient of two teaching awards, from Canada and Hong Kong, recognising the hallmark of his belief that learning needs be enjoyable, engaging and personal.

Marshall is the founder of Expressivo, a company that explores technology and its potential use in education and the Arts: Celebrating the Arts in you! He speaks, blogs, writes articles, and makes media of all kinds (mshawblog.wordpress.com). His love of musical expression has been nurtured through orchestral playing, his fascination with film score, and his compositions, as heard on SoundCloud. He has 11 children’s songs published.

Marshall is an avid user of Apple technology in music production, graphic design and app design. He relishes interests of photography, foods, arts, and culture while wondering through the streets of Asia.













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