Celebrate the Arts in you!


My services include:

  • Training/tutoring in all band instruments, piano, and beginner vocaltriple-french-horn
  • Theory and examination preparation
  • Composition and Orchestration
  • Conducting skills and training

Technology in music includes:

  • composition using GarageBand, Logic Pro, Finale, Finale NotePad, and Sibelius tailored to your interests
  • specialize in all Apple products and applications (over 25 years experience); PC, as well
  • guidance in establishing an online portfolio for other musicians and listeners to evaluation and comment (SoundCloud, for example)
  • guidance in working with video and music, for example, iMovie and Finale

Music exploration with students of Grades 3 – 6:

  • introduction to music involving any instruments your child is interested in, for example, violin, recorder, piano, ukelele, bells
  • individualistic approach built on a number of exploratory techniques that awaken and nurture your child’s innate fascination with sound and music
  • integrate their growth in sound recognition and manipulation with other intelligences, for example, video or photography, drawing, or acting

My Goal

My goal is to encourage children’s self-awareness and celebration of their affection and special connection to music (and the Arts), and help them understand the unique power of this ability.  Using this same passion, confidence and drive,  a set of useful strategies are established.  These can be applied to other areas of their education (and life) they may find challenging.  It provides them with a different perspective on how to move forward with their new strategy set.

How music has provided new hope and vision for less fortunate people:

Venezuela’s extraordinary ‘El Sistema’, a programme that offers free classical music training and instruments to a quarter of a million young people from all backgrounds.

Here’s an inspirational Vimeo clip showing what this group of people in Paraguay do to turn trash into music:

(Other recommended viewing: A South American Journey Travel Documentary hosted by Jonathan Dimbleby, published by BBC in 2011)


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