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Thank you for your generous comments and support.

Marshall Shaw

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GarageBand Cranked Up! for iOS Workshop, March 2015

Mobile Technology and the Music Programme, March 2015

UWCSEA, Singapore

19 International Music Educators/Specialists

General Comments:

Wonderful seminar. I wish it would of been 3 days. Marshall is a great communicator, presenter, teacher. I learned a lot from him but most of all he inspired me to want to learn more. Thank you

A very engaging enjoyable event.

Lovely, lovely seminar. I learned so much. Marshall is a great teacher, very knowledgeable, humble, approachable and inspirational.

Specific Comments:

Jasmine says,

  • love the beautiful visuals!  Amazing aesthetics!
  • your generous sharing!
  • loved the student samples!
  • emailed prep
  • thanks for the free codes!

Alaina says,

  • the presentation of information was well organized and planned out
  • the information was easy to understand
  • you are very personable & approachable

Allan says,

I think you did well in presenting soundscapes.  It gave me an idea of how students can be more creative about compositions, soundscaping, etc. But, most importantly, you are open minded and humble.  Keep it up!

Rebecca says,

  • freedom of exploration
  • variety of topics/projects
  • pacing is nice and quick
  • creative inspiration re: sound mining

Keith says,

You have a wonderful demeanor with the audience.  You listen well to questions and comments.  Your presentation was very well organized.

Helen says,

  • support new learners –  incredibly supportive
  • huge background of experience
  • personal and professional
  • toggled our diverse range of experiences!

Shawna says,

You provided many good examples of projects to do with the kids.  You gave us some time to figure apps out.

Nicola says,

  • visuals and practicals
  • love the hands on practice
  • you’re very approachable
  • I love that you’re so enthusiastic and are willing to help not only in the workshop but in the future

Jacek says,

  • introducing different functions of GarageBand
  • ideas of projects, examples

Thank you, wonderful and talented music educators that attended my workshops!

Stay in touch!  We can learn from each other!

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21stCLConferenceAttended 21st Century Learning 7th Annual Conference, December 2014


GarageBand to the Max Keynote CoverpageTwo hour long sessions – contact me for details!

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21st Century Learning International Music Education Workshops November 10-11, 2014 in Hong Kong

GarageBand (for iOS) Cranked Up!

GarageBand Cranked Up! Keynote at 1.27.51 pm

Mobile Technology and the Music Programme

Mobile Technology and the Music Programme Slideshow at 1.28.25 pm

Thank you so much for the fantastic two days. Aaron and I were both really inspired by the whole thing and will certainly be using many of the apps going forward. In fact, we had a blast using Spoke with our 1st graders for practicing clapping rhythms just yesterday!

Even more than any one app, we were both really interested in Daniel Pink, SAMR and the future of technology in education. Aaron and I have had a number of conversations about this topic and it’s really rejuvenated our outlook on teaching.

Thanks again Marshall. We’ll definitely be in touch. It’s only the beginning!


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Ms.ToddTwitter at 9.43.18 pm

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I just wanted to tell you what a great workshop it was today.  The activities allowed everyone to explore and create at their own pace and level.  You explained things and made yourself available to everyone.  Hope you are feeling really good tonight.

Thank you again.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

Marcia R. Barham (白夏灵)

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Thanks so much for the amazing workshops. I didn’t expect to have my mind blown open as wide as it did. All I can say is, wow!

…. After this workshop, I felt so exhilarated about the combination of technology, music and education…

So thank you for being the catalyst to such a big life choice.

Hope to stay in touch, Marshall. Good luck with everything and please let me and Ben know if you ever have another workshop!

Aaron Lam

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Testimonial from the Head of Music at the German Swiss International School, Wan Chai Campus, Hong Kong        Jennifer McLachlan – April 2014

German Swiss International School, Hong Kong was recently honoured to have Marshall Shaw as a guest specialist leading a classroom music project using GarageBand. Marshall was with us for 12 weeks working with the children in Year 5. He introduced them to a myriad of new experiences and taught them how to create remarkable compositions using all the different apps and techniques available. The program concluded with each child doing a presentation of their composition.

At every step of the way Marshall was side by side with the children helping them tap into their creativity in ways I did not expect possible. His knowledge was extensive and his passion was infectious. It was a great pleasure and an honour to welcome him as our guest. It is now a program that we are aiming to keep as part of our twenty first century learning experience at GSIS.

Thank you GSIS Students at 1.15.32 pm

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87ed4fd28773301af703bee8945f2cac_image_1386763266_0497facb9fbf81b257750129faca4c792549_image_1386763053_069721st Century Learning Conference – Hong Kong – December 2013

Comments from participants:

It was refreshing to have such an enthusiastic and passionate presenter like Marshall Shaw deliver a workshop at the 21st Century Learning Conference. Time flew by as Marshall explained in layman’s terms, the benefits of music to enhance learning engagements. Using original examples and eliciting audience participation, Marshall’s workshop was fun and motivational, and relevant to an audience of diverse levels and expertise in technology. Bravo Marshall!

JoAnne Sandul,
Educator and Arts Specialist – Hong Kong

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Parent letter of recommendation:

August 15, 2012

To whom it may concern:

This letter is my personal recommendation for Mr. Marshall Shaw. For the past three years (2010-2102), my daughter (G.4-G.6) has had the fortune of being a student of Mr. Shaw at Canadian International School of Hong Kong. During this time, Mr. Shaw has shown himself to be an outstanding, kind, responsible, excellent and talented Performing Arts Teacher.

He possesses a positive and enthusiastic personality. He has a great rapport with the students he has worked with. He always ready with smile and kind words. He has always shown a great deal of patience with his students; even when they’re struggling to learn.

Just like my daughter, she had once wanted to give up her painting class outside of school, but Mr. Shaw kept on encouraging her and gave her a lot of support. Like, asked her to make some copy of her paintings to him, then, he hanged them in his office and his cottage in Canada. Also, gave her an opportunity to make a slideshow of her paintings with background music then shown in the assembly, etc! Now, my daughter not only wants to continue painting and even more interested. She has described Mr. Shaw as “a spark of light in the midst of pure darkness.” Besides, every time when my daughter hears a good song, she’d write it down and share them to Mr. Shaw. I was greatly impressed by his passion for art/music/teaching to his students. He has a great personality, a dynamic sense of humor and a high energy level that lends itself well to engaging students, working members, as well as with other parents.

I am confident that Mr. Shaw will be an invaluable asset to any school and any staff that he works with and the quality of his character will serve as a model for students. I believe that he will continue to grow and become even more successful as a teacher with further opportunities. Please feel free to contact me for more information at… (name and address withheld in respect of privacy)

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Parent testimonial:

September 28, 2013

To Whom It May Concern

I write with sadness that Mr. Marshall Shaw has decided to leave Canadian International School of Hong Kong (CDNIS) this academic year. Mr. Shaw has been more than a music teacher for my son, (***) … since (***) was in Grade 4.

Mr. Shaw’s charisma, talent in music and nurturing abilities has transformed my son from an unfocused, talkative, care free little boy into a responsible pre-teen who is now so passionate in music. Mr. Shaw has ignited (***) to develop his love of music. (***) is pursuing his Clarinet exam this month; an instrument he only started at the beginning of 2013.

During the past 3 years, Mr. Shaw not only taught my son music and performing arts, he has been a great mentor to (***) in his learning journey at school. Mr. Shaw’s passion in music creation, leadership skills in constructing and conducting large scale school music performance were genuinely revealed, admired and appreciated by the School, students and parent’s community.

Thank you again Mr. Shaw for everything he has done for CDNIS, your students and (***). Students come into acquaintance with ample teachers throughout their school years, you will be one of the few both my son, us as parents will always remember.

It’s of my son’s hope to be in continuous contact with Mr. Shaw. Until then, our family wishes Mr. Shaw well and continued success in his future endeavours.

We all miss you, Mr. Shaw!

(name and address withheld in respect of privacy)



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  1. They come as a package, don’t they – fun, relevance, motivation, active participation. Sounds like an energized and energizing event. Passionate enthusiasm conveyed by both the presenter and the reviewer. All the best!


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