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  • started learning to play the piano since 4 years old and has completed Grade 5 exams (ABRSM practical & theory).
  • also learning to play the drums and has completed Grade 3 exam (Rock School).
  • enjoys improvisation


  • Finale
  • Logic Pro 9
  • Launchpad – new!  June 2014!


Electric Joy Ride:

Electric Joy Ride – Every Day  A great song with lots of tempo changes)
Electric Joy Ride and Galaksi – Dynamite Moon Zombies
Follow on: SoundCloud

Current Projects:

  • November 01 – Retro Video Game – Movie Theme character writing
  • November 15 – Chance Music – taking the musical letters from ‘Sup’s full name producing 8 notes (B, A, B, E, A, C, B, A – put in the key of Eb)

Chance Music for blog

The above melody is what ‘Sup came up with in minutes of this activity.  Stay tuned to this page to see how he develops it with Finale NotePad 2012 and Logic Pro 9.

Here is his version of the above melody, posted on SoundCloud:

  • November 22 – Chance music – taking the musical letters from ELECTRIC JOY RIDE to produce the musical note E E C C D E.  In ‘Sup!’s piece, I think he transposes it to D minor or Bb major in places.Within days, this is what he came up with.
  • Note the following: his opening section stating the theme with accompanying chords, adding melody above motif with drums, vocal part with light drums later, counter melody in left hand later
  • November 29 – Challenge composition: target interval – 5th; target tempo – 72 BPM; motif – E, F, C1.  ‘Sup! came up with an even more solid and substantial piece of music with a melody that has, in my opinion, a Celtic flavour.  His drum accompaniments, all his own (NOT loops), coexist with the melody very tastefully.  His use of silence, or single instrument writing is mature.  I especially love his thick, synth textures.  Here is Riverchant.  Follow ‘Sup!.

Inspired writing/performance: Escape of the Dancing Dinosaur! – Thursday, December 6th, 2013

  • December 6 – challenge arrangement – ‘Sup! will treat us to his arrangement of Jingle Bells over the next week.  I’ve encouraged him to seek out something so different from the many, many versions done over the last century.  What would your version look like?
  • December 13 – ‘Sup!’s eclectic version of Jingle Bells with minor chord shadows throughout, colourful drumming (original!), and my favourite, the middle section (1.34) where he is experimenting with contrasting section.  Fab-u-lous!
  • January – February, 2014 – Listen to ‘Sup’s latest works on his SoundCloud account.
  • March – May, 2014 – ‘Sup continue to explore textures, patterns, quirky melodies, and ‘plot twists’ in his compositions.  He naturally pushes his compositional styles and boundaries, redefining his sound reflecting inspiration from YouTube and other sources.
  • ‘Sup is now very interested in Launchpad by Novation, including the free App of the same name – seen here:

Launchpad 'Sup small


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