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December 2015

Adobe Free Apps

October – November 2014

Apps for the Mobile Artist FINALCheck out these fabulous ‘on the go’ apps that I’ve tested.

Apple at 11.02.58 am Apple - iPad at 11.01.19 amThey are here!

Logic Pro X

September 05, 2013

Logic Pro X – a fabulous update to version 9!  I updated a week ago, and find the numerous additions and modifications so ‘logic’al and practical, typical of most Apple software.  As usual, it will take me a lifetime to go through its features, and Apple loops, as they captivate and motivate me with so much musical inspiration.  I finished my latest piece on SoundCloud using Logic Pro X, called Alpha Centauri Bound.  Check it out, with my thanks.

Current Tech Fascinations

These icons are my current fascinations and what I’m exploring right now.  I will update my discoveries and creations in my blog entries.  You will also find links to various online creations here, for example, new compositions on SoundCloud or logos/graphics I am working with.  Comments are welcome.


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