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Now arranging for 2015 – 2016  School Year

Workshops 2015 MShaw Expressivo Pages, Today at 3.46.36 pm

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Specific Details:

There are no per-requisites for this workshop.  Workshop length, content and delivery is tailored for the needs of your students, staff and school.

Preferred workshop format includes half-day (3 hours), full day (6 hours), and 2 – 5 day sessions for multiple grades/classes and topics.

Participants for hands-on workshops require an iPad with the full version of GarageBand for iOS installed (1:1, ultimate, or 1 iPad for two participants).  Workshops using GarageBand for Mac, Finale, and any other Apple software/apps is also available.

Presenter requires a projector and speakers, a table, power bar, and wireless Internet, if possible.

Typical costs in cities other than Hong Kong include flights, hotel, and local costs (taxis, meals, etc.)

To discuss, arrange, and receive a cost quotation, please contact me.

Marshall Shaw



Soundscapes – Arts Fusion to the MaxGarageBand Keynote

Presenter: Marshall Shaw, Hong Kong

Presentation description – one or two hour session

Target age: Grade 1 – 12 students, Teachers

Technology: iPad, any Mac computer, GarageBand

Soundscapes offer an authentic opportunity for students to explore multi-disciplines to design projects that encourage 21st century skills of creativity, imagination and innovation.  By combining knowledge and thinking in different disciplines, students are able to apply skills learned in one area to challenges in another.  This can produce a tapestry of expression reflecting areas of curriculum, broadened use of literacy, and the vibrancy of the Arts.

Using sampled sounds from the students’ environment, soundscapes become a vehicle to explore musical elements, subject matter, and the Arts.  GarageBand empowers learners to express themselves regardless of musical capability, without previous instrumental or theoretical knowledge.  This keeps student inspiration and on-the-spot creativity flowing with simple finger gestures, typical of tablet apps.

Participants build a personal sound library, to use with sound composition and storytelling, for effective intertwining of various elements of music and language.  They enhance their narration with sound effects, melodies, chord progressions, and rhythmic patterns to create a richly colourful experience for both listener and creator.  

This presentation models creating a sample library from sounds in the environment, body sounds, and recorded text specific to a theme of study.  This is demonstrated with examples of soundscapes that show GarageBand features of sampling, track building, and looping.

It shows how creating tracks for each sound or spoken dialogue can combine elements of music, drama, and language literacy, extending the goals and interactive qualities of the activity, which will appeal to a wider audience.  This interdisciplinary approach promotes a variety of learning styles and inspires collaboration and resourcefulness.  Throughout the workshop, participants will have opportunities to share integrative strategies for building in components of language literacy, drama, dance and visual arts.

Here’s a quick slideshow of some of the sections of my presentation with original GarageBand music.


GarageBand Cranked Up! Keynote at 1.27.51 pm

Mobile Technology and the Music Programme Slideshow at 1.28.25 pm

Music Education Workshops – United World College – Singapore – 5 March 2015

Music Education Workshops 1 - Singapore 2015 Music Education Workshops 2 - Singapore 2015




Comments from participants:


It was refreshing to have such an enthusiastic and passionate presenter like Marshall Shaw deliver a workshop at the 21st Century Learning Conference. Time flew by as Marshall explained in layman’s terms, the benefits of music to enhance learning engagements. Using original examples and eliciting audience participation, Marshall’s workshop was fun and motivational, and relevant to an audience of diverse levels and expertise in technology. Bravo Marshall!

JoAnne Sandul,
Educator and Arts Specialist – Hong Kong


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